Hi! I’m Vincent. I’m a freelancer with UX/UI skills and business consulting experience. 
I’m based in Paris.
I’m used to working remotely and traveling, mostly in Europe.
My Background
I worked 10+ years in different consulting firms on digital transformation for a large variety of public and private organizations. Previously, I have been an entrepreneur and a business domain manager in e-Commerce. I have started my professional journey as a project manager and developer in a video game development studio, then as a teacher in digital and IT for a bachelor’s program.
My Philosophy
I usually take a step back to try and understand the big picture and find what is really at stake. Then It’s all about leveraging the data (existing or to be collected) from all different kinds of sources, and applying a fitting process to deliver impact and results.
My goals
I am very comfortable with working in small and collaborative organizations. I love to create and innovate, act fast and efficiently, make a difference and have an impact. I always try my best to support the decision-making process with facts and data. I like iterating as an improvement process to help impact-driven and creative organizations launch and enhance their products / services, to best fit their market.
My Values
My work is about solving problems and making people’s lives better. I believe that a working environment has to be respectful, collaborative, stimulating, and that it leverages people’s skills and personalities whatever their background, culture or education.
My Skills
Digital transformation. Business consulting. Web development. UX/UI design. I’m good at telling stories, thinking and acting fast, researching, investigating, gathering data and knowledge, developing theories and visions, and brainstorming. I’m both user and business-oriented. I’m not afraid of big challenges and I don’t fear the blank page.
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