Metalized started as an artistic experience inspired by all the AI engines that use stable diffusion.
As you may already know, the learning process of stable diffusion is to add noise to an image and learn to reverse engineer the noised image to its original format. By following this process multiple times, the AI learns to actually build an image from pure noise.

What if I would try to follow the same process but instead of accurately reconstructing the image I would try to reimagine the image from a strongly blurred image?

As a big fan of metal music, I then decided to start from the Rollingstone’s top 100 metal albums and add my own twist to the ranking. This is how the “metalized” project started and how I generated my own top100 covers.

To make it an experience, I then decided to build a mobile application to add music to design and propose an “original” way to discover my work.

I hope you will enjoy it and feel free to give me your feedback !
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