The challenge
Post-CoVid, how to reinvent a place initially designed as a regular mall? How to connect with the younger generation? How to use digital as a mean to enhance the on-site experience? Assisted by a team of 3 people, I had to answers to all these questions with a business plan for new digital services for a new concept of food market.
Duration: 3 months
Team of 4 people
Format: business consulting
Subject: food and experience
The process
1. Interviewing all the stakeholders of the initiative to better understand the concept and its applications ;
2. Benchmarking food experiences and innovation at global scale ;
3. Redesigning the concept with a holistic approach to propose an omnichannel experience;
4. Identifying data points to build a business plan supported by actual numbers ;
5. Establishing a portfolio of services, a deployment roadmap and a financial budget.
The solution
1. A digital platform + online marketplace
Creating a hub of services for customers and partners.
2. An enhanced and gamified experience
Planning, enhancing and extending the on-site experience.
3. An on-site digital factory
Continuous-delivery of new services and experiences.
4. New sources of revenue
Generating incremental revenue based on cross and up-selling with digital services.
5. A self-financed business plan
Proving and financing by doing.
6. A pilot before mutualisation at group level
Think big from the start to be able to deploy in other places quickly and with a marginal additional cost.
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