The challenge
The City of Paris is the most dense city in Europe. Therefore every question is complex to answer, and every solution requires a unique approach. But there is one question shared by every subject related to digital: how to coordinate all the players involved and lead them toward a common goal?
Duration: 3 monts
Team of 4 people
Format: business consulting
Subject: smart city
The process
1. Interviewing stakeholders and digital players to collect their vision, understand their stakes, needs and frustrations ;
2. Benchmarking smart cities and find inspiration for the city of Paris ;
3. Identifying scheduled projects that could play a larger role on the scale of the city ;
4. Designing 3 to 5 initiatives, simple, easy to remember but impactful and unifying ;
4. Writing a note to be shared widely among the administration of the city.
The solution
1. Online management of the public space
Coordinate and unify all digital service on a shared online platform.
2. Unify the relationship with citizens
Share the citizens data and adopt a “tell-me-once” policy.
3. Manage in real-time the carbon impact
Manage the carbon impact as a financial budget.
4. Aggregate services of hyper-proximity
Encourage and share the services of hyper-proximity to support the implementation of the 15-minute city.
5. Create an interdepartmental governance
Steer and manage a unified digital roadmap.
6. Use new smart criteria for management
Integrate to the existing frameworks additional criteria for the decision-making process.
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