The challenge
As a public/private school, Ferrand Paris needs to increase its number of international students registered in bachelor and MsC courses (it represents a substantial source of income). Therefore, they need to define their priorities in terms of targeted countries, given they have limited resources to dedicate to this particular requirement. 
Duration: 2 months
Team of 5 people
Format: business consulting
Subject: customer acquisition
The process
1. Auditing the website, the analytics, the CRM ;
2. Interviewing the key people taking part in the acquisition of new international students ;
3. Benchmarking high-ranked international schools in culinary arts and reverse-engineering their marketing approach ;
4. Working with the finance department to refine the process of calculating the acquisition cost ;
5. Having workshops with the marketing team to co-construct the foundations of a revised strategy ;
6. Analyzing all collected data to develop a realistic and ROI-oriented strategy.
The solution
1. Defining an ROI-driven and omnichannel strategy
To optimize the marketing budget ;
2. Defining goals and success metrics
And revise the marketing budget accordingly ;
3. Targeting 3 priority countries
Based on the collected data and stay on track budget-wise ;
4. Optimizing the conversion rate
As one of the most efficient actions to prioritize ;
5. Mutualizing the data between departments
To increase the efficiency thus the cost of campaigns ;
6. Leverage content and influence marketing
To better reach the targeted audience.
Zoom: Using fiction to trigger reactions
1. Creating distance between the present and the target to avoid discussing current issues ;
2. Rather than trying to define goals, react to possible results ;
3. Creating a good opportunity to test ideas and propositions ;
4. Starting a discussion on how to make it happen ;
5. Ending the workshop with usable and agreed leads to refine.
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